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My daily goal: learning effectively, finding challenges and avoiding stagnation as well as using my skills and the appropriate tools to get the job done whilst having fun.
Marcin Szulc
Designer | Developer

Freelancer Graphic Designer | Full Stack Developer

2011 – Present

Over the last few years I have engaged in the development of several branding, web and 3D projects, enjoying working on both the programming and design aspects.

Home and business energy supplier (

Initially designed the client`s logo and then was approached about creating a full website. Provided guidance and oversaw the project from the conceptual stages to the completion.[HTML, PHP,  CSS, JavaScript, Foundation, Google Analytics]

Healthcare recruitment agency (

Successfully competed with 11 freelancers for a website redesign and further development contract. Got the highest possible score on the final evaluation review. (5/5) [PHP, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress]

Wedding venue “Iwona” (

Guided the business through their online presence creation from the first mock-up to the concluding server upload. Full execution incorporated a responsive website design and development, pictures for the online gallery and Photoshop image processing.
[HTML, PHP,  CSS, JavaScript, Foundation, Google Analytics]

Waldis Tresore

“360 deg.” web product presentation and menu design, 3D model creation, scene setup and final rendering.[HTML, JavaScript, 3DS Max, Photoshop]


Redesigned the WW2 inspired online strategy game – land, infrastructure etc. Modeled 30 units and 33 buildings for the game.[3DS Max, Photoshop]
“Jiver” & “Simil” web applications – UI/UX design (+ logos, icons, etc.)[Illustrator, Photoshop]

Hermes Controller

2014 – Present

Played a vital role in opening and shaping the UK`s first automated parcel sortation Hub, capable of processing up to a million parcels per day.

Successfully setup a key business department responsible for:

  • Process management and smooth office collaboration.
  • The analytical side: statistical data collection, manipulation and presentation.
  • Efficient operation flow in accordance with company standards, policies and procedures.

Passion for invention, design and process improvement:

  • Prepared a spec and coded a wireframe for a warehouse/yard management system [HTML, JavaScript, Angular, MongoDB, Illustrator]
  • Designed and created a statistical database together with a frontend [Access, Excel, VBA]
  • Used “VBA” to code tools such as a barcode generator, manifest creator as well as auto snapshot emails [Visual Basic]
  • Created a script that automated history checks for depot process compliance, significantly reducing the time required to produce the report from hours to minutes [VBA, HTML, JavaScript]
  • Produced and edited a new starters induction video [After Effects, Photoshop]
  • My idea to incorporate additional information in currently used barcodes is used across the network

Additional Info

I take responsibility of my personal progression by
constantly evaluating and upgrading my skills in order to stay on top of web development.
Moreover, I fulfil my internal need to express myself through graphics and design whilst
my more technical side is tested through learning and utilised in programming.
Marcin Szulc
Lifelong learner


Frontend Masters

The “Learn Straight from the Experts” promise has not let me down.I am grateful to have come across their in-depth, professional courses and highly appreciate the teaching style.

Some recent courses I have completed/taken up include:
Sarah Drasner - Microsoft
Introduction to Vue.js 50%
Kyle Simpson - You Don't Know JS
Deep JavaScript Foundations 75%
Will Sentance - Codesmith
JavaScript: The Hard Parts on Object-Oriented Programming 100%
Jen Kramer - Harvard
CSS Grids and Flexbox for Responsive Web Design 100%
Jon Kuperman - Adobe
Mastering Chrome Developer Tools 100%
Mike North - LinkedIn
Sass Fundamentals 100%


I started my journey with “Treehouse” in 2013, concentrating mainly on the Frontend development courses.

Below is live JSON profile data pulled from “Treehouse” and visualised in a bubble chart. The school has a points-based scoring system. This particular chart illustrates which parts I concentrate on the most.

You can view my “treehouse” profile with the points and achievements breakdown here.


FreeCodeCamp allows me to refresh and test my knowledge with a hands-on teaching approach.

The finished project challenges are viewable on the codepen website. Most are written in the object-oriented programming model.

Screenshots of the challenges I have worked on:

Formal Education

Telecommunication & Information Technology College

Electronics Technician – Computer Systems and Networks 1999-2002

Computer Components and Industrial Automation 1995-1998

Thank you for taking the time to view my CV.

I am currently looking for a company that will take me under their wing and help me spread mine.
I offer passion, a wide skill set, enthusiasm to learn and desire to share my knowledge.

Should you require any other information
would like to organise a meeting
please send me an email and I will be happy to respond.
Marcin Szulc